About Us

nuVibrations LLC was founded in 2010 by Matthew Logan with the mission of creating software that helps musicians stay fresh.


We have 25 years of experience working with computer audio software, including experience with major audio software companies, which has given us a deep understanding of how musicians think. Our current product offering is nuSpin, a Windows-Based VST Instrument that allows musicians to convert images into exciting new instrument sounds.

On the immediate horizon, we plan to release new sound libraries and introduce a Mac OsX VST version of nuSpin

Software Contracting

nuVibrations offers its engineering services on a contract basis for software development projects. We are especially valuable for audio-related tasks, but can stretch into many other areas. Our capabilities include:

  • Windows Application Development (C++11, C#, Visual Studio)
  • OsX Application Development (XCode, ObjectiveC)
  • Linux Application Development(C++11, Bash & Python Scripting, Eclipse, GCC)
  • Arduino Development (Arduino SDK, I2C)
  • WordPress Development (PHP custom modules, JavaScript functionality, or WP Administration)
  • Drupal Development (PHP custom modules, JavaScript Functionality, or Administration)
  • Consulting on Digital Signal Processing technology and other algorithms

Recent Work

  • Linux Audio Engine Back-End for VidMaker (sold to YouTube in 2014)
  • Update to SSTI Website
  • Consulting on Signal Detection Algorithms
  • Update to Lake Edge UCC Website
  • Arduino-based exhibit at the Madison Children’s Museum.


  • Real time Digital Audio playback
  • Digital Signal processing.
  • C++11, C#, PHP, JavaScript
  • Boost, STL
  • Windows, Linux , MacOsX
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime, VI
  • Drupal, WordPress
  • eCommerce (UberCart/Paypal)
  • Apache
  • Python
  • BASH